Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Under the Radar

Looking back at the last few months there have been many things happening....so I have been working under the radar mostly.
More stippling on our boys quilts.
And now all finished....
...on their beds....well, sometimes anyway. Tramming is great for driving your matchbox cars on don't you know.
Miss 15 has been knitting scarves for a while now and we finally listed them for sale.
Busy little fingers....lovely outcome.
In the July holidays I managed to put down some pebble tiling in front of our hearth. Tiles were purchased a year or so ago and I finally plucked up the courage to get into it.
The hearth has been there for more than 10 years and never finished off at the front. Grouting was quite intensive, but glad I had a go.
All finished now!
My Gardeners Journal stitching has come along a bit since my last post.
And this little cross stitch occasionally sees the light of day.
It's been a wet winter here this year and occasionally some amazing sights to enjoy.
Soccer mornings have often been quite cool and sometimes foggy. This was a great start to the day last week. Only a week or two to go now. Love watching our boys play their soccer.
Today I'm finishing up some burp cloths for a new little babe for a local family.
Couldn't find chenille so settled for polar fleece....a little character building.
The tutorial is here http://theinspiredroom.net/2015/07/15/diy-baby-gift-idea-burp-cloth-tutorial/
I changed the thread colour according to the alternating backing as I went.
Four cloths in all. Now to wrap them :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

May I Be Excused......My Brain Is Full!

Do you ever have times like this?
Sometimes I think it's pretty much every day for me. And here we are almost at the end of April.....wow! It has been a very full school term.

Over the last couple of holidays, and stitching a bit here and there I've completed a little more on my Gardener's Journal quilt.

And a little more to look forward to....
Since snapping this photo I have started stitching this one, which I will share next post.

The last couple of months have been full of early morning walks,
painting the verandah beams and ceiling....turning the worn shade of brown to a fresh white,
some smelling the roses,
and a bit of quilting at a craft camp near the local dam.....the level was quite low here a few weeks ago.
Had a go at some stippling. Fun to do, and slowly got the hang of it as I went.

Should be an enjoyable term as we continue with painting (hopefully), speech therapy, soccer Saturdays, a bit of study.....and of course some stitching.

Enjoy getting back into it too.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Breathe In; Breathe Out

Christmas has come and gone and here we are - the start of a new year.
What a year it has been.
There's been many happenings in blogland that I haven't been able to keep track of, but I have been very mindful of all the creativity blossoming at the hands of many inspirational lovely souls.

In 2014 I enrolled in a one year course to study for a teacher's aide qualification.
Many hours have been spent at the computer researching and putting together various assessments. I can honestly say I am SO THANKFUL for Google and all the lovely people who so willingly share their tips and encouragements. Not much action for my sewing machine or needle and thread for 2014!

After all the research and study, the assessments, time getting to know many wonderful students and more than 120 hours of work placement, my course certificate should arrive in the mail in the next few weeks and the new year will unfold....

After unsuccessful attempts in regularly following blogs, and writing my own posts I am hoping that this year I can breathe out and catch up a little bit. This might be a little easier after the recent discovery of a Blogger app for smartphones.

With technology so easily at our fingertips I have been reminded this year of the need for much valuable time with family and time for connections.....hence not being online so much. This lovely blog often keeps me inspired and my thoughts where they need to be. Read this post - it is a real blessing.

Our family started 2014 with an overnight stay in Goulburn on our way to the coast for our camping holiday.
Often we drive right through this town, but it was great to stop and see the sights together, including this rather large woolly fellow, The Big Merino.

Surfing learning to surf was quite a highlight for many of the family and so another trip to the coast in late February was a must! Despite a fairly overcast and rainy weekend we all had a fantastic time :)

During a couple of the school holidays I took the opportunity of the break from study and followed my inspiration to continue with some painting renovations including painting our loungeroom wall red. With the powerpoint taped up and the lounge moved away from the wall it was time to open the paint tin!!

Always daunting painting with deep colours but nothing quite like a challenge. A bright cherry red wouldn't suit the green lounge suite and quilt so a rusted tint of red was in order. When I'm browsing the paint section at the local hardware store I'm sure the lovely staff must think "here she goes again", hehehe.

Here's the wall freshly finished. I am happy with the difference it has made to the room. I finally hung some pictures on the wall just before Christmas.....with some space left to fill another day.

Some more painting was done outside on the verandah ceilings to freshen it up......but it's still an ongoing project. No photos of that though......white ceilings aren't very exciting.

This boring old canvas cushion has been crying out for a bright change for quite a while.

I had found this 'citrus' fabric in the last couple of years and finally made it up during spring in 2014. I love the happy print and the difference it has made......but might have to change the cushions :)

Enjoy the fresh start a new year brings and hope it is filled with many creative moments.