Saturday, January 25, 2014

Catching Up!

I've made it out the other side of the end of another school year, the Christmas and New Year break and returned from a camping trip at the beach!

Just before the end of the school term I managed to complete a couple of journals for two lovely teachers who have now moved on to other things. As always I am so organised and had plenty of time to complete them (laugh now!). The pattern is from Thimbelinas blog over here.

I took a short cut on the binding and machine sewed it down using the wonderful no snit binding tutorial. A little tricky through all those layers including plastic but we got there :/

I also modified the pencil pocket to allow for a couple of wider pencils and a highlighter.

I do like them both but I think this one is my favourite made from Verna fabrics.

The markings on the pencil pocket before stitching shows the modified markings on the left to allow for the wider sections...not so in focus!

This binding tool was quite handy. I haven't used it many times but it's proving very useful!

I also found a couple of painted timber buttons during my trips in mum's taxi.

Another event before the end of the school year was my Master 10's birthday at the waterslide.

We had some mini cans for the kids to keep them cool at the pool and I wondered how we might keep track of 'whose is whose'! A quick last minute idea of printed tags came together with some A4 cardboard backing and paper spray glue.

A rather blurry photo but it gives you the general idea.
It worked quite well......for those that used them (LOL)

Here is my blank wall in my kitchen that i've looked at and wondered about for quite a long time (not usually the sort of thing you go blogging about, hehe) This is another small project that came about in December.

After finally deciding that we weren't going to put cupboards on the wall it was time to complete the space....well start it anyway.

On the back of my canvas (below) there were two saw tooth hangers. They have had me stumped for a while. After watching a you tube video and a visit to the hardware store I made my own marking 'tool' from cardboard and a thumbtack......worked quite well actually (yes I surprised myself!). Screwed in some nylon plasterboard screws that are quite easy to use and we were done.
This blue french style 3d canvas print caught my eye at a local discount store and thought it just might work on my kitchen wall. It's four canvases screwed together with two of them inset back from the other two.
A large wall candle sconce delivered to my local post office completed the next section above the stove.....and the other side is still coming together!

A few days after this we also managed to squeeze in a 40th birthday BBQ for my it was all happening just before Christmas :)

A rainy Christmas morning was a lovely start as it had been very dry for so long. It's quite a bittersweet time of year. It's been 15 years since my mum passed away and I miss her more I think as the years go by.....but I am very thankful that she was part of my life.

I love the excitement from the kids on Christmas morning. It's a special time. I loved watching their reactions as they opened their gifts. This lovely little guy was given to my Miss 13 from my eager little Miss 8. I had promised to help her make a little something for her sister and this candy cane reindeer is what we came up with on Christmas Eve, thanks to this great tutorial at

We had lovely mild sunny weather for our beach camping trip this year. The rain didn't set in until the day we left (yes a very wet tent to bring home!) I went along one morning with my hubby and a couple of the kids to the beach on one of their early surfing outings. There is nothing else like cold sand between your toes. Couldn't resist this pic with the sand dunes and plants and early morning light.
The waves were steadily rolling in that morning and a bit challenging getting up on the board.

I am glad it was them in the water and not me!


  1. Your journals turned out lovely Leanne.... great idea to adjust the pockets a little and make it a teacher gift too! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas xo

  2. Great post Leanne....the journal is lovely

  3. Lovely to catch up on all your news Leanne, looks like a great summer all round

  4. Just beautiful Leanne :)


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