Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gardening In Between

Just a quick post today about some progress in my garden.....stitching that is.....gardening in between the other happenings of life, complete with frayed edges and wrinkles!

The last few weeks have flown by with the school holidays. It's always so nice to have everyone home and have a break from routine.

In between swimming lessons, a trip to the movies, holiday activities, installing irrigation on a few trees, sorting fabric etc... I have managed to finish a bit more on my Gardener's Journal.

The Annual Garden Show ladies were the most recently finished.

The completed stitcheries are really adding up now! Can't wait to get a start on putting some blocks together. I am trying to finish some other projects as well so I should be good and finish those first....lol

I think the dovecote with the beautiful blue birds is my favourite.....until I stitch some more that is.
Also just signed up for FNSI with Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts. Join us on Friday :)


  1. how many blocks do you have one...........these look great..........

  2. You're making great progress Leanne, you have a big pile stitched now. I love school holidays too!

  3. Hello Leanne,

    These are lovely blocks, good luck with the quilt.

    Happy days.

  4. Just gorgeous Leanne

  5. I love this pattern, lovely stitching!


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!