Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little Gift

Just a little pic of what I'm up to today....

In my usual style I haven't given myself enough time to finish this gift.
On the weekend I decided to have a go at making these lovely hot pads for my grandmother's birthday this coming Friday. The only thing missing from my stash was some insul bright wadding. A quick phone call to a fabric store to track some down.....only 1 metre left in stock.......great!! I'll take it!

After picking up the insul bright on Monday.....and getting home late and utterly exhausted.....I chose some fabrics on Tuesday. All pressed now and cut into strips. Will have some fun with these today!


  1. Great batting hunting and so lucky to get the last of it! You will "make it" I'm sure. Good luck! :)

  2. Nothing like a deadline to make some time at the machine :) Have fun! Ros x

  3. Lovely fabrics Leanne...great gift for you Nan...

  4. They are lovely fabrics Leanne, you will have the gift made in time, I'm sure - nothing like a looming deadline!

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  6. I bet your Nan was pleased.


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