Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creative Urges....

I snapped this happy pic a couple of weeks ago of some bright sun shiny daisies blossoming on my back verandah. Loving the yellow! Just had to share it with you.

 .....and yes it sometimes takes me a while to get the photos from camera to post.


With one week to go before the school holidays started I decided that our tv cabinet (previously my parents') needed a freshen up. We have had it for about 10 years. Justifying Explaining to myself that it would be a good idea to have it all done before the kids were home on holidays I continued to set up the room with plastic sheeting, sand paper and paint stripper.

Here is the cabinet after removing the doors and fixtures (love the power drill!!) and spending a few hours spreading around paint stripper then proceeding to scrape it off. No exercise class needed that day!

Day 2 here it is all coated in primer - what a job.....and here I was thinking to myself that the whole job would take a couple of days (ha ha ha).

Day 3 & 4 I painted the two top coats on. I chose Stowe White from Dulux.

Saturday morning (Day 5) I rubbed back the edges to soften the look, refixed the doors and added some new handles.

Over the following day or two we slowly sorted our videos and dvds and added them to the cabinet.

Last job is to add some sort of curtain to both glass doors. I have bought some spring wire but that's about it at the moment. I am not wanting to put in the same as before (see pic above) and am thinking of a straight curtain, not gathered. Any design and colour ideas gratefully received.


 Close up shot here of some of the rubbed back edges.

This week I was finally reacquainted with my sewing machine......we have missed each other such a lot :)

A while ago I picked up this cute Italian linen with a bag in mind for my Aunty. She is English herself but married to my Italian uncle, and she loves all things Italian.

A quick look through my stash for some coordinating fabrics. (this pic is supposed to be the 'before' pic but I snapped it after the event for this post, lol)

This is my attempt at an outdoor photo - on a VERY breezy morning.

So, gave up on that idea and settled for an indoor shot before bundling it up into a post bag, so it hopefully arrives next week before they go on holiday.

And for FNSI....including a quick pic of some stitching work on my Gardener's Journal.

Plenty going on to feed my creative inner self......happy creating to you too :)


  1. Leanne the TV cabinet looks fantastic, you must be so very pleased with the finished product....fantastic bag...

  2. Wow, your cabinet makeover is gorgeous, it looks so fresh. Your stitchery looks lovely too.

  3. Your cabinet looks fantastic, what a great way to freshen things up. You have a very lucky aunt too, her bag is beautiful!


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!