Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Other Half

This gorgeous little bear is well loved. I finally remembered got around to showing you the other half to this cute little guy in this post. Lovingly made by my Nan, little Miss 6 was thrilled when this little package arrived.

Here's a little more too of the updated laundry.....this time showing the light blue on the walls.

The architraves will stay white. Might get around to freshening up the paint some time.

This metal hanger from a local gift store was just the thing for this spot.

Also during the last school holidays I had my eye on changing our tired looking power box.

Now I know that all power boxes look like this, but it was time for a change!

The holidays quickly came to an end, so it was when school went back that I picked the paintbrush back up again and went to work.

For a house that is covered in white metal cladding the old gal power box did stand out.....just a little.

I am happy with the result....just glad no one popped by when I was painting 'the power box'

The house is unfinished in many areas, that drive me crazy at times, so at least brushing a bit of paint around is something that I can do.

So not much patchworking here at the moment, but so nice that some little jobs are getting done.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Before the school holidays (which seem like quite a while ago now) I was hoping to get a little painting done....because no one else will do it! :)

The term rolled on and no spare time was found, so the holidays were just the spot to fit in some painting. I was brave enough to allow the kids to "help"....just a little, being the control freak that I am.

With a view to freshening up the tired old laundry I picked a medium shade of blue for the doors and a light blue for the walls. I am leaving the architraves white.....just because I know when I've had enough of painting.
 After the coats of blue paint and screwing the handles back on I am quite happy with how the doors have turned out. I will have to post another picture of the finished room with the walls done too. Amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to a room.....and to your mood!

I have also done a little sewing recently too....amazingly. Some friends had their first baby boy a few weeks ago. So just the opportunity to try out this project on the Freebies for Crafters blog. I subscribed to this lovely blog a few months ago and am just loving the inspiring emails that pop in to my inbox. I loved the look of this quilted toy leash at Moda just had to give it a go too. Easy to follow instructions and they turned out very cute. I reinforced the stitching on the overturned end near the toy ring for a little more strength for a strong 'little man'.

Now off to have a look around blogland for a while......I have missed catching up with everyone's happenings and am always so thankful for your many inspirations. Happy stitching!