Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Truly Wonderful

 After going to the quilting retreat weekend I came home with two cushions for my girls. I was undecided on what sort of cushions to make before I left so I went along armed with fabric, a couple of patterns, embroidery threads and other assorted embellishments.

I decided on the pattern in Annie Down's book 'Some Kind of Wonderful'....and they have turned out wonderful indeed.

The two colour ways bring out different fabrics in the girls quilts....and also suit their personalities.

 My youngest cherub can often be seen carrying her cushion around the house!

I almost went for a quick-finish simple backing, but was swayed by how lovely the pieced back looked in the pattern. I only started on the back on the Sunday morning....and was the last person left sewing in the afternoon (insert embarrassed look here)

I purchased the buttons from Primitive Willow in Dubbo. I was very pleased with the painted wooden buttons that Lee-Anne showed me....they have added that nice finishing touch to the cushions.

So in total I did not deliver on my 'other' projects that I took with me...and yes the layer cake in my last post is still a layer cake! More projects to keep me inspired for the next retreat or hopefully some time to sew at home.

This is another little project with my Master 8 that we finished this week. They are studying monotremes and we chose to do the echidna. He did very well with paints and crepe paper and bits of bark and leaves....with a few helpful suggestions from his older sister (love the googly eyes).

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Know Life Is Busy When...

...you don't have time to smell the roses.

So I just had to make some time to do just that. I just love these burgundy Icebergs at home. Still putting on a bit of a show despite the lack of rain.

You also know there's alot on when it takes a couple of weeks to hem some new jeans...and the only action the sewing machine has seen for a while is mending and alterations. After going to work yesterday with some temporary pins in the bottom so I could wear them (LOL) I was determined to get them done.

So before heading off to a quilting weekend tomorrow (yay!) I set to work and finally finished the hems along with a pair of school trousers.

Here is one project I am taking with me to the weekend - a cushion (or two). The lovely scraps at the front are from my youngest daughter's quilt I finished last year, which is very special as my Nan gave me the remaining fabric from making my eldest daughter's quilt that she had made.

With some extra fabric I am hoping to make a cushion for both of my daughters to go with their quilts.

This lovely layer cake has been around for a while (and has done a few car trips with me too!!)  Let's see if I can turn it into a quilt top or if it comes home with me again just like this.

And just for something extra, a couple of charm packs are coming along too. Can't say I will run out of things to do.

 Just before I head off on my weekend I am helping the kids with their Red Shirt Day at school tomorrow, to raise funds for the Salvation Army. They all had a red shirt of some description except for little Miss 6. I found this at the local op shop this week and it was decided that a little embellishment might be nice.

So here 'tis.

My machine does not have a blanket stitch setting. The most similar looking is one with the horizontal stitch on a diagonal slant. But overall it has still come up okay. All ready for Red Shirt Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On A Roll

It has been a bit slow going here for working on sewing projects. I have been wanting to have a go at making a pencil roll for a while now. Miss 12 had a birthday party coming up, which was a great opportunity to try it out.

She picked some pink cupcake fabric from my stash along with coordinating lining and binding. And this is what we came up with.
 The pencil pockets are fiddly but worth it. I would like to try a pencil roll with a flat pocket to compare the difference. The tutorial was from You Go Girl and very easy peasy to follow. The no snit binding is a great method, but I am yet to master it. A little tricky on this project with all the layers.

Miss 12 had a pack of 24 pencils she wanted in the roll so we changed the dimensions a little and were able to accomodate all but 1 pencil! To finish she picked a couple of blingy buttons for the clasp.

Surprisingly, it didn't really take that long for a great result.
Definitely on the 'do again' list.