Tuesday, March 13, 2012

When you go down to the woods today...

 This lovely little knitted bear arrived in the mail yesterday for my youngest son. A lovely surprise from my Nan.

My Nan is a lovely quilter but is now finding it hard to sit at the machine for long periods of time. She is also a bit partial to knitting and for Christmas I bought her this book. It was a hit!

I think this bear is the fourth one she has made so far. Very special.

In my chat with her during the week she told me that during the war, she went with a lady to a group where they knitted the camouflage nets for the soldiers. That was something that I had never really thought about before.....amazing, and very humbling.

Apparently there is a girl bear on its way soon for my youngest cherub...will have to share that one with you too.

 Over the last few weeks I have also stitched a few more hexies...

and the garden now has 11 blooms. I am loving how bright and cheery they are. Will soon have to start on some stitched centres to put some together.


  1. Leanne your hexies look fantastic, love that range of fabric...and Mr. Bear is very cute...

  2. What a gorgeous teddy bear, looks like the book went to a happy recipient. Your hexie flowers look beautiful. Lovely fabric!

  3. What a beautiful keep sake gift for your son :) And other beautiful sewing you've been doing.


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!