Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Done and Dusted!

The holidays were busy and seemed to have gone by so quickly. Great just to have some time at home with the kids. Bloom expressed the holidays well in this post.

I have completed a couple of small projects...but they are still finishes (yay!)

A small Christmas cushion from Nancy Halvorsens book.

And finally my Angels of Harmony wall hanging from Hatched and Patched.

Can't believe I had posted about completing it in this post in, it didn't stay on my dining room table all that time!

And I even sewed the hanger on it straight away and am pleased to report that it is on the wall.

I tried the 'no snit' binding with this tutorial. Worked a treat! Will be doing that one again.
I first read about this method on Thimbelina's blog.

The crazy weather has had us all guessing each day and living between summer and autumn wardrobes.
More washing for mum!!

It has been heart wrenching watching the floods in many different many people affected...

The garden has been blooming so profusely with all this rain too.
These English Crocus have been popping their little heads up for a while, although slowing down a bit now.

So gorgeous - bright and cheery.

Any hints on what these are called? Anyone?

Occasionally a few pop up in the old round yard on our place - fending for themselves over there.

This season there are quite a few displaying all their glory.

Now to finish some bookwork for the week then off to the kids swimming carnival. Should be fun!


  1. lovely stitchery............not sure of the name of the flowers at the bottom........but they are all over wet areas in the paddocks...........they look beautiful but many years ago when first married I went and picked a pile............beautiful.............shoved them in the vase and went outside to do some jobs.............came back later to the house closed up and it was the flowers.......also they had lots of little ants too so don't pick them just enjoy them from a distance........they sure are amazing though and must be so tough as after great periods of drought get a good big fall of rain and up they pop...........

  2. I am sure they are Crinum lillies, we have the pink ones.

  3. Lovely sewing Leanne. You did manage to get lots done :)


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!