Sunday, October 9, 2011

A New Start

School goes back tomorrow....where has the last fortnight gone! I have had lots of good times with the kids at home. We went to indoor swimming lessons for three days to brush up on their skills, a bit of baking etc...and generally just hanging out.

I called this post a new start, as I am posting this from my new hard drive. Monday afternoon the computer was displaying a black screen and not much life there. So after a chat with my dad who is fairly up on these sorts of things I was on a mission to buy a new hard drive and try to figure this thing out. So with my trusty phillips head screwdriver in hand I was off to work.

Then came reinstalling Windows and other software, and do all the internet updates etc... What a job.....but we are almost there, bit by bit.  Thankfully I can now view my files on the old drive. So now the big task ahead is to transfer what I need off that drive to the new lots more sitting in front of this screen for me in the next couple of weeks!! Me thinks I'll need to get out in the garden for a bit of a break....

Outside garden with sunshine and fresh air......but would also love a bit of time in my 'stitching garden'. Not much done on my Gardeners' Journal these holidays.

The bag here is from A Gardeners' Journal book by Anni Downs. Very different colour scheme but I picked purple as my MIL (whom I made the bag for) likes purple. I had made the bag a couple of years ago as a gift.

Hope you have a great week as school starts back again.


  1. lovely GJ bag...........wished the holidays were still here.........back to the school routine........

  2. We love our computer when they are working and HATE them when they are not. Hope life gets back to normal soon. Love the bag and I too love the colours :)


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!