Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gardening in Stitches

I have been very inspired by all the hexagon stitching at the moment, and thought I just might need something else to do (not!). I used to be a one-job-at-a-time sort of person but am enjoying, much to my surprise, having a few projects on the go.

I don't have all that many scraps in my stash so I decided to stitch some hexagon flowers from a couple of jelly rolls....and this little box that my Nanna handmade for me for my birthday a few months ago, is just right to hold a few bits and pieces on hand for some hexie stitching.

So I set to work last night and here is my first flower for my garden. I am not counting down how many to go at this stage, but enjoying the stitching. They are fun to do.


  1. Very nice Leanne! I haven't tried these yet...maybe I shouldn't either, they look like they could be addictive! :)

  2. So pleased you have joined the madness Leanne...LOL...your flower looks fantastic..

  3. I see you have fallen for the Hex! addiction. Looks great and such a nice thing to do with your box from Nanna.


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!