Thursday, May 12, 2011

Quilting Therapy

Some much needed quilting therapy was done for a little while today. Doing
a little more on the quilt for my Miss of my WIrSPs.

I am off to a quilting weekend with some fantastic ladies and would like to
have a go at quilting it. Found some great matching fabric for the outer border
from the 'local' quilt shop....unplanned but needed to make it a bit bigger. Often
those 'unplanned' bits turn out really well, and you can say 'yes, I meant to do that'......

So, after a busy week with trips to the doctors, the dentist, speech therapy etc...
 and my Miss 5 being sick over the floor a couple of times (thankfully not the
carpet) ....I think I'm just about ready to breathe out and enjoy some quilting therapy.

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