Thursday, May 19, 2011

Almost a Finish!

What a lovely weekend we had at our retreat. Always so inspiring.
I attempted some quilting on my daughter's quilt....with some very helpful
tips. I could not have done this at home without help. Am so thankful.

I am very happy with how it has come up....and to be at the stage of
handsewing the bind. Looking forward to seeing how that looks....I had
previously sewn together the remaining scraps for a 'scrappy' bind.

I have also made some progress on starting my Gardener's Journal quilt.
After some inspiration, I ended up tracing off all the stitcheries....handstitching,
here we come! I still love the fabrics every time I look at them.....can't believe
I bought the kit in 2006! Good things take time I suppose.

I had many a good intention of achieving much in bookwork today, but
was distracted by my ironing board cover....the perils of having the computer
in the same room as the sewing machine!

When inspiration strikes seize the moment (well, that was my excuse).
So I set to work in tracing off the shape of the old cover and replacing
the degenerating foam with some polyester batting.

The ironing board was given to me many years ago by my lovely MIL and
I think it had belonged to her mother. The board is wooden, so a little heavy
but very nice to iron on.


  1. Computers in sewing rooms = major distraction! Your daughter's quilt is looking good... and love the ironing board cover! Old ironing boards are the best,,, hard to move around but great!

  2. Lovely quilt Leanne... and I believe an ironing board works better with a new cover :)


Thanks for your comment. I read and appreciate every one and love the inspiration from your blogs too. Happy stitching!