Saturday, February 26, 2011

Blueberry Muffins

There have been some good specials lately on blueberries. So in an effort to make something 'healthy' for the kids lunchboxes I tried this recipe today for blueberry muffins recipe here. Some were sampled and were mostly a hit....except for one of my precious babes saying "They taste nice.......except for the blueberries"!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MIAF 2011

Have I taken on too much - most likely....I have said yes to Make It A Finish for 2011 with our local quilting group. I have made a list, taken photos - now to start!

1) Finish 'New Beginnings' couch companions and kits x 2;2) Hanger on 'Herb Garden' stitchery;
3) Finish 'raggedy' washing line stitchery inc hanger; 4) Sew borders and quilt 'patience corner' quilt
for my Miss 5; 5) Quilt tops for both boys from motorbike and other fabrics; 6) Finish Angels
Christmas hanging from H&P; 7) would love to start stitching my Gardners Journal...not to mention the blue & yellow irish chain quilt top from a few years ago...

Now with all my children at school I should have heaps of time.....right! Not likely. This list is only the beginning.....there is also the 'unofficial' list alot of us have in our mind's eye - and that's where it's staying for the moment.

Looking forward to starting.....'tis most embarrassing that one of those WISPs only needs a hanger!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here I Come, Ready Or Not

I've finally created my own goes, my first post

I love reading friend's blogs and others out there. Very inspiring. So I've finally decided to join many other young mums out there (and others) who share their stories and creativity.... some gorgeous photos of freshly washed fabrics and beautiful quilts hanging in the sweet sunshine - just lovely!

Lets see how it goes as I figure out how to 'drive this new techno thingy' this space.